Prashan Gurung

Designation: University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

Hi! I am Prashan Gurung from Rambazar, Pokhara. Since few months I have been visiting many consultancies as I have planned to go to Latvia for my further study. The more I visited, the more I was in dilemma. I was about to drop my dream to study in Latvia as I didn’t find the proper guidance. Finally, I entered in Kaski Education Pvt. Ltd. Mahendrapool, there I found myself convinced and began to see a hope to study in Latvia. I was so delighted with the counseling and support. Now, I am here in University of Latvia for Bachelor in Business Administration. It’s Kaski Education who has made my dream comes true. So, friends if you also think of going abroad for study then don’t forget to visit Kaski Education Pvt. Ltd. once.

Thank you so much.