Why Study Abroad

Nepal students are always enterprising. With their keenness to explore new frontiers, they have embraced ‘Overseas Education’ strongly. Especially in the past decade, the number of Nepalese students going abroad to study has increased tremendously. It will be exciting to note that Nepal has sent the largest number of students to the USA, even during 2007-08, which makes this seventh year in a row. Studying Abroad may be one of the beneficial for college’s students as it opens the door of many benefits. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Students having International Degree are valued the most in the market which makes them easier to find a better job in the market. In a sense International degree adds spices in your CV.

  • It is a great opportunity to study and understand the foreign language as you will get chance to have communication with the native speakers and many other people from around the world.

  • You will get chance to know different cultures, traditions and food items too as you meet different people with diverse cultures and traditions.

  • Study Abroad will give you platform to learn in different styles and techniques. You will experience a complete a new way of teaching.  

  • Staying in Abroad without your parents, will lead you to be independent. It will bring out your nature of being independency and helps you to discover yourself.

  • You will be around with many friend circles so you might make long lasting friends.

  • Study in new destinations will probably make you adventurous. As you are thousands miles away from your home, you will involve yourself in visiting new places.