Japanese Language

Wikipedia says that nearly 128 million people of the world speak Japanese. This East Asian language is the national language of Japan and is the member of Japonic or Japanese – Ryukyuan language family.

The Japanese language doesn’t have a genetic relationship with the Chinese language but it uses Chinese character, or Kanji extensively in its writing system and a large portion of its vocabulary is acquired from Chinese.

Similarly, the Japanese writing system primarily uses two syllabic (or moraic) scripts – hiragana and katakana alongside the Kanji.

Also, Latin script is used to some extent for imported acronyms, while the numeral system chiefly makes use of Arabic numerals alongside the traditional Chinese numerals.

Why Learn the Japanese Language?

There may be multiple reasons regarding why Nepalese learn the Japanese language. Some of the reasons include:

  • Study in Japan
  • Work in Japan
  • Learn and teach the Japanese language in Nepal itself

– Study in Japan

One needs a good knowledge of the Japanese language in order to migrate to Japan for studies. Students go to Japan for studying various courses in undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The country comprises some of the best and unique universities/colleges of the world that are known for their distinctive teaching approach.I

– Work in Japan

If you are someone who is looking forward to going to Japan for work, then you obviously need good communication skill in Japanese. Nepalese have been going to this nation for a long time with the purpose of doing jobs and earning money.

– Learn and teach the Japanese language in Nepal itself

The number of people wanting to migrate to Japan for studies and work is in increasing order. So, the institutes offering Japanese language classes are increasing too. But the major factor that makes any institute better than the other is the quality of its instructors.

You can learn the Japanese language in Nepal and start teaching others and make a good income out of it.