Understanding The Need For Standardized Test Preparation

Higher Education, a road less traveled in the past but now a highway that everyone wants to pick on their journey to personal and professional success. Every highway requires a toll to be paid where the higher education’s first toll tax assumes the form of various standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT or SAT. And it requires sheer hard work, focus, determination and willpower to get through.

Therefore, further in this blog, we are going to look at various standardized tests which Nepal students are required to prepare for with good scores to secure their admissions in the choice of their university or higher education institutes abroad.

Test Prep but WHY?

Aspirations to study abroad begin to take shape as soon as students have made their course and country selections. Every country and university overseas receives huge amounts of student applications globally for admissions but to think that all of them will get to the summit of the Everest is naive. Isn’t it?
That is why certain educational boards were set up to help with shortlisting of the applications and thus the standardized tests came into being. Students are now required to prove their mettle by scoring a minimum eligibility score in these tests set by the universities or even country rules and regulations for higher education.

Standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL etc are designed specifically to meet with academic requirements, ensure that candidates are really serious about their higher education and most importantly they are fit for an academic system that is entirely different from their home country. Let us help you with an example:

If you are aspiring to pursue your higher education at Graduate level in the USA, students are required to prepare for GRE,

If you are aspiring for UG level education in the USA, students must focus on SAT, and

If you are looking to pursue MBA abroad, then GMAT should be your goal.

A Brief On Various Test Prep

So far, we believe that you must have understood the importance of preparing for various standardized tests as the first roadblock in your plans to study abroad. Let us now understand briefly about them:

1. IELTS, short for International English Language Testing System, was formally established in 1989 and is predominantly an academic English language, speaking and writing along with a face to face assessment. Offers a variety of English accents ranging from British, American, New Zealander and Australian.

2. TOEFL, short for Test of English as Foreign Language, was set up around 1988 as is purely computer-based Academic English language assessment test in an MCQ format.

3. SAT, short for Scholastic Aptitude Test was introduced in 1926 to evaluate students’ understanding of specific subjects taught in the classroom along with their competitiveness and likelihood to succeed in their course.

4. GRE, short for Graduate Record Examination, started in 1936 is used to evaluate student’s aptitude for success in various graduate programs like biology, literature, chemistry, math, physics etc.

5. GMAT, short for Graduate Management Aptitude Test, introduced in 1953 is designed to evaluate students aspiring for business or management program.

6. PTE, short for Pearson Test of English, introduced in 2009 is designed to assess, authorize and validate the English speaking skills of non- native students aspiring to study abroad.

We hope that this blog served to help you understand the need for Test preparation while making plans to study abroad, hence, in the upcoming posts we will discuss in length about various aspects of these standardized tests from preparation perspective.